Author Chris Pidgeon and his books


Chris has written several books, most of a travel/sports writing genre. Some are complete, others in the making. Click on each cover(*work in progress) for a sneak preview of each book!

A Kick in the Ars


A Pain in the NEC

Along the Ridge

Apricot Showers

Booker Prize Roulette

Ceca – The Obsession

Christchurch to Auckland: Parts One and Two

Cycling through Serbia

Freitag in Deutschland


Literate Inclusions

Quince Dias

Short Stories: A Dual in the Nile; A Gift For A Friend; A Trawl Around Sicily; Bosnia: A Short Story; From The Cradle to Belgrade; In The Footprints of a Hero; Searching for Pamuk; The Whim and Tom and George

The Tony Montenegro Novels: Follow Croatia; From Mag to Magyar; Sloboda Ili Smrt

The Angry Penguins

The Beautiful Game

The Highs and The Lows

The Pidgeons of Ponferrada Series including: The Ponferrada Pilgrim; Puddles of Ponferrada; The Ponferrada Pendulum; Painting Ponferrada; The Ponferrada Perspective; Postcards From Ponferrada; The Ponferrada Patache/Pataje; The Prince of Ponferrada and others

The Portugal Project

The Princess of Featherstone


El Museo de la Ponferradina is a collection of football memorabilia about a Spanish third-tier football team Chris had not heard of until he completed the Camino Frances. He has since become obsessed with the team and this is his must-see museum, in the spare room of his house.

Virtual Tour (*work in progress)